WE all know a persons home is often the most important financial investment they will ever make. If you use a professionally trained real estate professional like the Huntley Clisham Group you can be sure it will be an informed decision. Give yourself the advantage of working with a professional.



New properties for sale hit the market every day. We are in touch will with all the right brokers and agents who will have the property you are looking for ...many of which are not yet on the market but are "in the works". We can separate the "wheat from the chaff", save you lots of time and see to it that you get the early notice on upcoming listings.




When you see a property you like, we can provide inside knowledge about the home or villa itself and all sorts of information about the neighborhood, zoning issues, utilities, taxes, insurance and any planned development nearby.




We have been at this for a combined 76 years and we know something about negotiating. The Huntley Clisham Group is a "Tier 1" negotiator and we will insure you get the best deal possible. We provide lists of financing options, legal representation, insurance alternatives and repair specialists. We follow up on inspections and know the difference between fluff and serious issues that arise in all inspections. We monitor work orders and services provided for in listing agreements and contracts. We are your "eyes and ears" on the ground when you hire us as your professional representative.




Working with "tried and true" agents on your next property purchase will insure you have put your best foot forward in the search for the "Best Deal". We will save you time and give you the confidence you want in finding the best property for your needs. Even though you may not be thinking of selling when searching for your new property, you can be sure we are because, if you are happy with our service, one day we may have the opportunity of serving you again in the sale of the property you find. Your success is our success !


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